How was your year? In the past it might be fair to say I’ve had my share of spectacularly good years, as well as more than my fair share of shitty “I wish I could forget” years.

As far as years go, this one has been a little bit lovely.

There have been highs and lows of course. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing. This year I was made redundant from the job that had saved my sanity when my marriage ended. After four and a half years it was a huge shock. Several friends there lost their jobs also. It was a painful severing that left me feeling vulnerable financially, and emotionally fragile. It’s fair to say I was extremely stressed but determined to find a job.

In the end all things happen for a reason. It was a sharp learning curve, having never been unemployed before. The job hunting wasn’t a joyful experience but I learnt a lot about myself and my resilience.

It didn’t happen immediately but 11 weeks later I started a new role, finding myself back in the corporate sector in a challenging role that I’m really enjoying. While my already precarious bank balance took a hit, I survived and I’m enjoying where I am. I’m really grateful to have landed in a role where I’ve met some great people.

So many huge life changes happened this year. The Producer made a very public declaration by sharing our relationship status on Facebook. For me it’s the social media equivalent of shouting your love from the rooftops. At 45 it’s my first Facebook relationship status! For a very private man, this was a huge gesture and one that meant a lot.

Then he did something that truly shocked and amazed me. He Proposed and I said yes. You could have knocked me over with a feather. We’re quite happy to be engaged for awhile!

We moved in together, both moving house to meet in the middle. It was a huge undertaking for us both. We’d both lived on our own for over 4 years. He’d never lived with kids. I downsized considerably, moving to a smaller home but inner city. There were so many changes. We’re made lots of compromises and we’re still adjusting but it’s lovely waking up beside him every day.

Two very close friends lost their fathers this year and my heart broke for both of them and their families. Nothing can prepare you of course for losing a parent, but knowing they loved you dearly does help. Having lost my own dad, I’m forever grateful that I had him as long as I did and that we shared so many memories.

My daughter got her Learners permit this year, got braces and turned 17. Mr 23 went to Greece which was brilliant for him. Mr 14 launched his own YouTube channel and grew way too much!

Two people I know are expecting babies this coming year which is so exciting! I’m so thrilled for them both.

Two people I love also got engaged this year, including the lovely Carly Findlay and I’m so very thrilled! It’s so lovely hearing about the wedding plans as they unfold!

I was nominated for some blogging awards this year which was really humbling for me. Sadly I’ve missed several blogger meet ups but 2015 I hope will finally be the one where I meet lots more writers! My websites has had a number of glitches and it is being worked on, so this year I hope will see it all sorted!

I caught up with so many friends this year which was brilliant. Looking forward to meeting up with even more as this year progresses.

As far as resolutions. I’m making a concerted effort to get a little healthier. This week I have swum laps three times and gone bush walking. I’m heading to the pool again today having finally been able to swim over half a kilometre.

I’m also working more at being less stressed and staying in the moment. I’m a work in progress on that front.

This year has been one of the good ones for me. I will always look back knowing it was a vintage year.

What about you? How did your year go? What are your hopes for the new year?