We’re engaged! The Producer and I! Yes, really…I’m not kidding!

The Producer proposed and I said yes! And not one onion ring in sight!

Nothing about my relationship with the Producer has been orthodox if I think about it, and I really like it that way.

Ours is a quirky Melbourne love story. What started on a chance meeting on a dating site ended up very real and very different from any other relationship I’ve even been in. Who knew when he emailed me, that over two years later we’d be madly in love and forging a life together.

More importantly, who could have ever foreseen that this uber cool inner city Producer could break the shackles of his commitment fears, and jump in boots and all (or converse hightops in his case).

The sex is always amazing. I’m not declaring that as a bragatry statement, just as fact. Maybe I met him at exactly the right time in my life but there has always been an unspoken trust between us. An electrical spark that is very intense. I’ve never been able to explain it! What I know is we are physically and emotionally compatible.

So in typical Producer style, his proposal wasn’t orthodox either. It was seriously hot, leaving me flustered!

We went out to dinner to a favourite restaurant that serves char grilled octopus to die for. It was the place he took me for our first serious date, beyond coffees and lunches.

He was acting strangely. Not his normal jovial self. He ate in relative silence and I started to shift in my seat. Was he mad at me? The thought crossed my mind. Perhaps he was just having a moody day. We all have them.

After a dinner filled with uncharacteristic pauses, but some seriously great food, we went back to his place. Any thoughts of him breaking up with me were soothed by the love making followed.

Then this happened.

He asked me to get engaged. The words hung there while I was still hot and sweaty and trying to catch my breath. Did I really hear the words?

Finally I cried. Happy tears. Tears of happiness and love, shock and amazement. Yes. I’m sure I said it more than once.

I clarified. Engaged…with a view to get married, right? That kind of engaged?

Twitchy Producer conceded yes…with a view to get married. I never thought I would even consider marriage again. Truthfully I didn’t. I think he might have even surprised himself!

It just feels right though, and for the first time in my life I’m not seeking the approval of others. This really is about the Producer and I and the gorgeous kids.

Speaking of kids, I should add that the Producer asked my son Mr 23 if he was okay for us to get engaged. Which meant the world to me, and to Mr 23. Then we spoke to Miss 16 and Mr 14 to make sure they were okay with it before anyone else knew.

I’m so happy to share the news! I’m sure everyone was and is surprised but it’s just so lovely. Rainbows after so many storms in both of our lives.

The ring is gorgeous. An aqua marine that was faceted by my late father (so sentimental) and hand made by a Melbourne jeweller. Bespoke and a little Art Deco. I’m loving it!! Sadly I had to and it back just for resizing but I’m so looking forward to having it back on my hand already!

As for wedding plans, well….we don’t have any! No dates, no time frames, no expectations. We are just enjoying being loved up and looking forward to moving in with each other (in exactly one week…but who’s counting?!).

What I do know is that when the time comes, there won’t be any satin gowns, limousines or gift registries. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we’ve both been married before.

I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him and I’m so thrilled he proposed!

I’m looking forward to the next chapter in our life…living together!