The Producer pointed something out to me recently and I’ve finally figured out it’s a truism. Job hunting is a lot like dating. In fact, dating might have even been easier! Did I really just say that?

Honestly. Looking for jobs and finding recruiters is a lot like on line dating. The first step to on line dating is creating a profile that showcases who you are, right? You want to highlight the very best of yourself to all the potential and amazing matches you are likely to meet! (Oh, if only it were that simple!).

When I first found out my job was redundant, of course I set about creating a great resume – a snap shot of my skills, my achievements and my experience over my many years of work. I revamped and updated the shit out of that CV.

On line profiles and resumes have a lot in common. It’s actual difficult when you’ve been in one role for awhile to stop and think about your skills and attributes, and remember what you’ve achieved. You just do what you do on a daily basis, right?

Suddenly you need to analyze who you are if you’re not in that role. In that sense it’s like becoming single after years of coupledom – questing who you are if you are not part of that equation anymore.

So, armed with my revamped CV and my shiny new LinkedIn profile (complete with photo), I was raring to go out and find that new job!

I’ve applied for a lot of jobs that I felt would be a great match for my skill set, then started to feel a bit disheartened when nothing was going on.

I’ve received some offers, but they haven’t been suitable, or they’ve offered half of my current pay. Which is tough. It’s a lot like getting attention on dating sites from guys that clearly haven’t read your profile and you have nothing in common with !

I’m so grateful to everyone who offers a lead. Even if the roles aren’t a perfect match. Friends recommending jobs is a little like setting up a blind date. They are so certain you’re going to be a match made in heaven…and deep down, you hope so too.

It’s incredibly brilliant of people to think of me. As a single income family though, I do need to earn a wage that allows me to support my family. That’s simply a reality. Sometimes I’m tempted to just grab any job, but there’s a risk in doing so.

Just like dating, you can’t just settle for something that you know can only be short term when the other person thinks it’s a permanent hook up. It’s just not fair to waste other people’s time, or ask them to invest in you when you know you will always be hoping for something better. Cue Heavy sigh.

Then you actually go and meet recruiters. Just like a date, It brings the promise of hope but there are nerves and excitement. I took my time to choose the right outfit, taking too much time with my hair and make up and agonising over which heels to wear…because first impressions count, right?

So the recruiters I’ve met so far are all women, and the interviews seemed to go really well. One told me her life story (yes, that happens a lot with me) and for that brief hour or so, we were like firm friends. Unified in the sisterhood. I walked away feeling giddy at how well it all went. There’s a lot of shaking hands and promises they’ll call you.

Just like dating, sometimes the phone will never ring!

I went for one interview recently where I could have sworn there was professional chemistry! We talked effortlessly for ages, we laughed and we talked about 2nd interviews and corporate travel…in the cold light of the next day though, he felt I was too “senior” and “high end” for the role. Wait…what?! By senior was he implying I was too experienced…or too old?! High end? What am I – a hooker?! That’s the professional version of “it’s not you…it’s me.”

I refuse to let the doubt creep in.

Just like dating, you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

I’m off the dating hamster wheel now and feeling all loved up (yay!)…and as if to balance things out, I’m back on the job hunt treadmill which feels like it’s on too sharp an incline!

The Producer pointed out that I’m doing everything right and that in the end, just like trying to find love, sometimes you can’t hurry it. It has to happen in its own damn time. He’s right of course.

I’ve learnt to lower expectations but not to lower my standards. Every interview, like every date, is an experience which leads you one step closer to figuring out where you should be.

The dream job is coming and I’m learning to be patient, and I remain hopeful.