Looking back on the last week, here are some things that I saw on social media that amused me, or shocked me, annoyed me or made me go Hmmmm…Enjoy your week!

1. Dancing Cows! This clip from animal rights group PETA was doing the rounds on Facebook this week – I laughed and I cried. Titled “Jumping for Joy”, this clip is just beautiful.


2. Carrie Bickmore (The Project) sticks it to politician Cory Bernardi, after his comments that children in “non-traditional” families are more likely to become criminals.  As a woman heading up a Single Parent family, I say bravo lady!

Carrie Bickmore 1

3. In Seoul, South Korea, hundreds of babies are abandoned every year. Here’s one man’s plan to save them! Love this!


4. Pete Lynagh gave up sex for One Whole Year!! Why?! To raise valuable funds for Free to Shine – an Aussie organisation that saves vulnerable girls from the sex trade in Cambodia. I was also lucky enough to interview Pete in July 2013 at the half way make, and last week we chatted again after his year of being sexless came to a close! If you missed the post, “50 Thousands reasons to give up sex for a Year”,  you can read it here:https://thegoodgirlconfessional.com/2014/01/10/50-thousand-reasons-to-give-up-sex-one-mans-journey/

Pete Lynagh 2014


5. Mashable reported this week that your underwear is about to get a whole lot smarter!  If vibrating knickers being controlled by your partner is your thing, you are going to be smiling!


Have a beautiful week!

Charlotte xo