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I don’t think pedestrian sex is very interesting. There’s a playfulness we have; I like the theatre of sex. I like to look good. I like her to dress up. I like to dress her up.

–          Sting (about his wife, Trudie Styler).

Christmas bow

I read the above quote several years ago by Sting, talking about how he keeps things interesting in the boudoir with his lovely partner, Trudie Styler and it always stayed with me. Something about the way Sting spoke about dressing up his wife has an almost poetic, erotic ring to it. Perhaps because I share the same sentiment. I simply love the theatre of sex! Hot, steamy, sweaty interludes that leave a girl breathless are always so damn hot!

Given it’s the festive season (I know that fact keeps coming up, but it’s not going anywhere!), I was thinking there are far better ways to get your festive-hotness on than a reindeer sweater!  There is something to be said for playing dress ups to spice things up just a little!

By the way, the gorgeous Blonde Bombshell assures me that reindeer sweaters do not count as playing dress ups, unless of course there are no pants on! No offence to anyone who is rocking a Christmas themed sweater as they are reading this – I mean, I get that they are immensely popular in London right now, but the attraction may be lost on those of us in warmer climates!

So recently, after my hospital visit and having to wear an unattractive hospital gowns in front of the Producer, I decided to restore the balance. Since he has joked about playing doctors and nurses I figured I should get a little creative. I dressed up in a sexy nurse costume complete with white thigh high stockings and a red push up bra.

Can I take you blood pressure now?

There is always a feeling of anticipation when you play dress ups. I mean, who will you be?! A school girl, a cowgirl, a showgirl, a footballer? Anything goes really, as long as it’s in the spirit of a bit of consenting fun. Not every one of course is theatrical, but role-playing in the bed room is quite liberating and a little different from say acting on a stage in front of an audience! (Though I absolutely had aspirations to be an actress when I was younger, I understand it’s not for everyone!).  Bedroom play though can be a lot of fun for anyone!

My lovely friend Naina told me that she once ordered a costume on-line as she was attending a costume party. When her Indian costume arrived (of the Pocahontas variety, not the Asian kind), she loved the suede, cutesy costume but when she took it out of the packaging she realised it came complete with a sexy little thong. Well, well. So she wore the costume (without the thong) to her friend’s costume party and looked adorable, but then realised she could actually utilise the costume in the bedroom! Instant spicy – just add thong! Cowboys and Indians. Good for her!

Someone was telling me this week that they have a friend who religiously plays dress ups every Friday night! Wow – that’s dedication and I’d love to see her costume box! Can you imagine? While for me it’s more a spontaneous and occasional treat, the once a week theatrics obviously works for this lady!

I’ve got friends who have never rocked a costume for their partners, other than costume parties they have gone to. What I find interesting is that at costume parties, cute and sexy costumes are often the order of the day. One friend recently went to a zombie party and I was massively impressed by photos I saw. I have to say that her Zombie bride costume was very sassy, short and sexy with ripped white tights. Though sometimes reserved, this Sagittarian once rocked the hottest police woman number I have seen, with fish net stockings! Yes, gorgeous one – you know who you are!

If you can bare your inner sultry pirate or Bo-peep at a costume party, it’s even better in the bedroom where your partner gets a private show!

Being the Leo chick that I am, I admit I like costume parties for that reason. Often people show a different side of themselves. Sexy costumes these days are everywhere. Young chicks are wearing them to their end of high school break ups and costumes shops are renting and selling costumes that years ago would only be sold in adult sex shops. Type ‘Pirate costume” into the Google search engine for example, click on images and the first two costumes that appear will usually be sexy pirate wench costumes!

My friend, the Pocket Rocket, confided that she actually likes to don a mask in the bedroom. Generally a Zorro type mask. That and nothing else, save for a dab of perfume in all the right places. Love it! Now if, like me, you’re a girl who is into lingerie, costumes are equally as sexy and probably a lot more playful. There is nothing like having a shower and then walking into the bedroom, your man completely taken by surprise, while you are twirling your pigtails and rocking a tiny pleated skirt!

For those wondering, yes I’m a feminine feminist – so I do believe that role play should be absolutely fun and between consenting adults! I don’t think any woman should feel pressured to suddenly jump out of her wardrobe dressed in all manner of ways if she simply isn’t into it, or she’s not feeling it. For those that like a little bit of titillation, I say go forth and set your imagination loose!

I was talking with some lovely ladies this year that I met in a bar, while out with girlfriends. They struck up a conversation and when I told them about The Good Girl Confessional they told me that the three of them had been going to burlesque classes together. One said it most definitely had improved her self-confidence as well as spiced up her sex life as a direct result of that.

I once knew a quiet naturopath who was quite spiritual. She decided to take pole dancing lessons for a bit of fun. She dropped 4 kilos, developed some killer thighs and proudly learnt how to hang off a pole as well as any stripper. Eventually she bought a pole for her own home and yes, she put on private shows for her hubby! Usually frugal, he apparently never complained about the cost of those lessons, the pole nor the costumes!

A close male friend told me that the sexiest thing about any women is confidence. Now some may disagree but I think he’s onto something. I’m a curvaceous chick and I’ve learnt to embrace my boobs and hips. Size and shape isn’t a hindrance to play time dress ups!

One gorgeous friend recently agreed that in the New Year she is going to shop for a sexy number and give the dress up gig a go. Yay! I love that sense of liberation women feel when they try something new and exciting. I’m sure her man will be very impressed!

Men are very visual, let’s face it, so costumes, like lingerie, are brilliant in terms of enacting a response! I think though they also appreciate the effort and the hint of naughtiness in the art of the wrapping! It’s like a lovely gift for them to unwrap and they get to see perhaps a different side of you! It’s add variety…like glossy colourful sprinkles on top of the ice cream (which we all hope isn’t vanilla…nor pedestrian as our friend Sting puts it).

That’s how I look at it! Like pretty wrapping on the present, which ultimately is the body within it, and the sex that will no doubt follow!

Bare that in mind this holiday season. Not that you need to wait to Christmas to give someone a sexy gift…get adventurous and wrap yourself in a sexy bow! I guarantee no one will be disappointed!

I can say that the Producer was quite impressed with the nurse uniform and I’m sure his pulse was racing just a little bit faster for it! Actually, so was mine!

As for Christmas? I’ve decided to be on the nice list, with just a little naughty thrown in for good measure. It’s just the Good Girl way!

Merry Christmas and thank you so much for sharing my journey, for your gorgeous comments and views. Most especially, thank you for sharing your tales with me! I am constantly inspired by the gorgeous women I know in my life, and now through The Good Girl Confessional!  I look forward to hearing from you in the confessional room along the way!

Be Good!

Charlotte xo